Our Factory are located in Germany, India & Thailand. Only our company manufactures genuine German Quality Catalin . Our genuine Cast Phenolic Resin has the same chemical, physical and optical properties as vintage made Cast Phenolic Resins. We are using advanced technology and fine skilled hand craftmanship. We can manufacture our Cast Phenolic Resin into an endless variety of colors. We sell Cast Phenolic Rods, Tubes and Plates in a variety of colors and sizes. We are also specialized in the production of Beads, Prayer Rossary and Poker Chips. Today Raschig produces and distributes German Quality Catalin Rods and finished products in more then 75 countries and export 95% of production. One of the major strength of the company is upstream integration : We have our own Chemical Plant to produce the Phenolic Resin which gives the exceptional characteristics to the finished products.This integration allows the price optimization and quality insurance.

Production Plant


Our Company is specialized in the production of German Quality Catalin. The company has developed an exclusive process technology that is recognized worldwide for its excellence. And we have installed the latest technology in our plant



We are proud to present our laboratory. Our lab moved to a new location last year and our requirements were calibrated following the ISO-9000 standard quality itself. Now we are developing our analysis equipments by new and latest technology and we are try to continue developing our quality control and quality assurance to meet the customer satisfaction.Our technicians try to satisfy our customers and develop a new grade in every application every month.